• 2019 safe version how install vers. 1.4.1 AskKey


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    AskKey vers 1.4.1

    AskKey... Find ASCII values, HTML notations, Unicode symbols. AskKey is a simple freeware application that is designed for those who work with ASCII characters and Unicode values. Using ASC/Chr, you can find ASCII values for particular characters or vice versa. Use HTML to find HTML notations for particular keys. Switch to 'Key' and press a key on your keyboard, and AskKey will tell you its ASCII value. When you work with Unicode symbols, try Sym1 and Sym2. Sym2 covers hundreds of Unicode notations over 7 fields. Click here to read User's Guide.

    New! version AskKey-ver.-1.7.1-LQpbWo.dmg {6161 KB}
    New for MacBook Pro vers-1.4.2-AskKey-VQLzq.pkg {4752 KB}
    Best on MacBook 0EN.v.1.4.4.AskKey.zip {5691 KB}


    Recomended! version version_3.0_r4.4_Portable_Thunderbird_chi9.tar.gz {23044 KB} 3.0 r4.3
    10.14.1 Kto0l.v.1.3.6.EasyLogin.pkg {49720 KB} 1.0.7
    New on iMac Turbo-Download-Manager-ver-2.2.0-6IUxh.tar.gz {44339 KB} 1.3.0
    Updated to MacOS ver._10.0.0.60_ConceptDraw_MINDMAP_cmtJvS.pkg {514139 KB}

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